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Resilient Living is How You Live a Healthy Lifestyle Successfully, So You Can Achieve All of Your Goals...

Performance Lifestyle Guidance System

Resilient Living, also known as a Performance Lifestyle®, is the next level in healthy living, where you live in balance, with vibrant health and peace of mind, as best you can, to power the achievement of your goals in life, business and sport, while staying healthy, and looking, feeling and performing well.

Once you have fully made the Switch to a 90% or More Plant Based Nutrient Rich® healthy eating style, you will want to check out our Resilient Living course— which teaches you how the whole lifestyle mindset and skills to live a healthy lifestyle successfully. This year-round training, focuses on the 12 Lifestyle Fundamentals we all need to know to live our lives like pros. Eating nutrient rich is one of these Fundamentals.

Here is a brief introduction to the 12 Fundamentals  

Understand Your Present Situation

Do you feel connected to the real causes and dynamics of your present situation? Are you aware of the challenges that hold you back and prevent you from moving forward in a position of strength in your life? Do you know where you need support and what has to change to live the life you want? When you fully open up and understand your present situation you will build the acceptance and drive to establish the strong foundation required to promote and reinforce healthy lifestyle change and support the achievement of your goals. The truth that resides deep inside will set you free—allowing you to achieve new levels of success and experience well-being!

Discover What’s Driving You

What are the forces driving your life? You have conscious and unconscious needs that drive your positive and negative thoughts and actions. Now you can discover the cause and effect relationship of your ongoing drive to satisfy your needs. Become aware of what’s driving you and you will break away from an orientation of avoiding negative consequences towards actions that are securely based in seeking positive outcomes.

Streamline and Simplify

The speed of our culture increases every day. So do our chaotic life demands. This can cause you to lose your focus on achieving desired goals in a balanced and healthy way. Restructure, streamline and simplify your life—getting more done in less time, by focusing your energy on what really matters. “Always” streamlining your life will help direct the proper attention to your most precious asset—your energy, and managing your energy better.

Tell a More Optimistic Story

Your personal story has been developing since childhood and through your ancestral history. The story you tell and how you tell it serves as the framework for how you view and interact with the world around you. How you tell your story is also a factor on how others perceive you. Let’s delve into your story and how it is impacting your life/style and begin changing it to a story that is real with an optimistic outlook. Learn how to drop the weight of the past, get real, and expand your optimism so your story helps you manifest what you really want.

Build a Supportive Team

Building a lifestyle where everything depends on you will lead you nowhere and will only fuel an unhealthy future. Nobody can do it alone. Create and nurture a supportive team of personal and professional relationships that understand, accept and empower you to live with positive accountability and reinforced energy. Your success can be powered by the positive influence and support of others who share your life and business goals. Building support and a team in your life and team are the foundation of living a balanced, healthy higher achieving life.

Get Free of Personal Energy Debt

Do you often feel exhausted or unable to accomplish even routine daily activities without any explanation? Have you been overspending your personal energy for far too long? That uncomfortable drain you feel is called “personal energy debt” and it is the primary hidden variable that undermines your health, [productivity] performance and success. Energy debt causes you to act out of balance and compensate for low energy with over stimulating lifestyle behaviors that cause you to sink even further into that downward energy trend. Learn and implement The Energy Regeneration Method to identify and break free from the negative impact of personal energy debt.

Eat Nutrient Rich

Do you want to stop the cycle of junk food cravings, unnecessary hunger and emotional weight gain? When your body lacks what it nutritionally needs to function and perform well, you set yourself up for dietary failure.  Every day we are “sold” foods that simply deny us any real health value. Learn about eating up to 90% or More Plant-Based Nutrient Rich® foods—for better health, higher performance energy and “natural” weight loss.

Activate and Strengthen Your Body

Fitness is not just about working out and “hitting the gym.” Sustained fitness is about managing activity, momentum and routinely activating and strengthening your body. Learn how to ditch the overly-regimented exercise programs that you can’t stick with. Exchange them for a personal activation plan that enables you to develop the stability, strength and power to meet and exceed your desired lifestyle demands and achieve your goals. Learn how to challenge yourself physically and make fitness a fun and rewarding exercise!

Recharge Your Life Force

Imagine a lifestyle where you have the exact amount of personal energy you need on tap, and when you need it most. Learn the most amazing secrets behind energy regeneration and how simple and effective it is to automatically recharge your life force, at almost any time, and in almost any situation. Learn to recuperate and recharge your life force so you have the ongoing power you need to meet your goals each day. Everything you do, and if you’re going to do it well, depend on it.

Own Your Schedule

Time is one of our most precious gifts in life and too often we sink deep into a downward trend because our schedule wears us down. Learn what it means to “own” your personal and business time around your weekly capacity to perform well. A health-promoting Performance Lifestyle should support your schedule—not destroy or distract it. By taking full ownership of your schedule you can more effectively operate at your optimal energy capacity every day. Actively learn how to monitor and manage your schedule around your own energy levels to minimize health risks and maximize your productivity.

Live in Balance

Learn how to create a renewed balance in your life. When you balance energy expenditure with energy recuperation at the most basic level you can live in balance. If you are not, all other forms of work/ life balance and a balanced lifestyle are not possible. This is the most practical and important skill to practice each day, so you accomplish objectives and achieve your goals without sacrificing your health and well-being along the way. Living in balance is not an event, but a process and awareness. There are four levels of balance and each builds on the previous. Learn this vital skill to function and perform well, and enjoy your life.

Declare Your Direction

Defining and establishing your vision, goals and objectives, is an important process that connects your present situation to your future achievement. All lifestyle change is motivated by your goals, your real goals in life, business and sport. With a truly focused direction and a healthy performance lifestyle powering the way, you have the lifestyle formula for living in balance, with vibrant health and greater peace of mind, and the sustaining energy you need to achieve even your most ambitious life goals.

The Result: Achieve Your Goals

The whole idea of a Performance Lifestyle is to become the Healthy High Achiever and achieve our goals with our health and well-being intact.

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