• "Before I changed my eating habits, I was constantly getting sick. I felt sluggish, worn out, weighed down and had some major stomach issues. After I changed my eating habits, it was like a domino effect; everything changed! After about a week or two in, I started to notice that I had more energy. Shortly after that, my stomach issues were gone and then a few months later, I realized that I hadn't been sick in quite some time. Overall, I felt great, had tons of energy and started doing things I hadn't ever imagined doing before - like running my first 5k!"

    Tracie Boyle

  • rob-80x80rob-success-story"If I were to give you my best, fast fit tip; hands down, the best way to lose weight naturally and get really healthy is to eat micronutrient-rich, low-calorie foods. Do that in a convenient way that tastes great and you've got a healthy eating strategy that will deliver the results you want for life. Re “Zeal" yourself today!"

    Rob Poulos Fast Fit Tips,

  • marihna-80x80mariahna-success-story"Two years ago, I was in Forever 21 looking for a dress in my size. When I asked the sales girl for help, she sneered and said, “We don’t cater to people your size.” At that moment I felt very embarrassed and decided to do something about it, thus beginning my journey for weight loss and health.

    First, I tried weight watchers, and then Atkins, then Slim Fast, then over-the-counter weight-loss drugs, which I found to be risky and unsuccessful. It wasn’t like I didn’t lose any weight. I did. My problem was that it always came back. Wanting to succeed, I finally started drinking nutrient-rich products, with the superfood drinks - Living Feast and Alfalfa Leaf. I found the idea of eating “superfoods’ inspiring.

    They worked! They were healthy, tasted really good, and with so few calories I was surprised at how satisfied I was, for hours. And, I was taught to enjoy them as part of a healthy way to eat. I got The Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating Plan (now called the Superfood Eating Plan - Edge), and some support, and started combining the drinks with the whole food nutrient-rich meals I discovered in the quick and easy recipe guide. It’s so unusual; I lost 45 pounds naturally, and never once “dieted”. After a while, I actually enjoyed getting hungry. I finally feel healthy and more energetic. This or the long run—it’s like a dream come true!

    So, thank you Mr. Mollenhauer and Nutrient Rich Life-for helping me to make the switch."

    Mariahna Suzan a mom.

  • "While spending time with my new friend, John Allen Mollenhauer, I heard him talk about making the Switch to Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating, and realized that making the Switch makes complete sense to me for my health and my performance. Drumming takes incredible endurance, and nutrient-rich eating seems to be the way to go to keep my arms and body strong. I am just getting started with my Switch. I can't wait to learn more, and will keep you posted on my Success Results."

    Pablito Drum World-Renowned Rhythmic Percussionist

  • " has made a huge impact on my life! Having been through some major changes in the past one-and-a-half years, I had been searching for a way to put back some controls in my life. After doing a lot of reading on this website and then looking into a nutrient-rich eating style, something clicked. What the site was saying made sense and I could feel my body and mind agreeing with it too. I learned a lot about what was going on inside my head, how I was holding myself back and the steps needed to make the necessary changes. The funniest thing I am finding now is how people are responding to what I am doing and eating. They warn me that I should be eating protein, for fear of getting anorexic if I don't. They tell me that not eating all that meat is unhealthy for your body. How can they say that when I have this plate full of beautiful nutrient-rich foods in front of me? All I know is that I feel so much better, already look better, and have a clear vision of what's in store for me. "

    Andrea Sokol

  • "I decided that I never wanted to be on any of these. It wasn't until last year when I went to the doctor and he actually prescribed one of these drugs for me that I decided it was time to watch what was going into my body. I threw the prescription away, called John and told him I was finally serious about eating nutrient rich.

    Prior to my visit to the doctor, I had had many conversations with John Allen. I was skeptical about "nutrient rich" – I didn't think I would ever be able to feel satiated by consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grain nuts and legumes. The visit to the doctor was my wake-up call. I jumped right in and started eating First-Class Nutrient Rich Foods. I started preparing Simple, Quick & Easy Nutrient-Rich recipes, and even some gourmet recipes. I started feeling better within a week! I found a fantastic fruit and vegetable market and starting trying all different sorts of fruits and vegetables, beans, whole grains, nuts and seeds. I lost five pounds immediately and had a whole lot more energy.

    I also learned that eating better didn't just mean to "eat your veggies." Eating the nutrient rich way opened me up to whole new world of food. Like John Allen says, there are more nutrient- rich foods and recipes that you can make from these foods than I'll ever get to in my lifetime.

    I recommend that everyone learn the nutrient-rich way to eat and learn about this very practical approach to eating. No "dieting," just a super-healthy, great-tasting, practical way back to good health by raising the standard of the foods you put into your body. Losing weight is simply a bonus effect!

    Good luck to you all."


  • "And it works. I am 54 years old and have been applying this approach for just over one year. In that time, I've lost 25 lbs of body fat, my blood glucose has gone from being my doctor's primary concern to a topic we don't discuss, and I have all the energy that I need for my lifestyle. I don't go to a gym and I don't go hungry. But what is most important is that the approach was so easy to integrate into my life, that I know I will stay on track."

    Maret Maxwell Bio Medical Engineer

  • "I just got back from the doctor. In the past year; I lowered my cholesterol by 30 points, increased my bone density 8% and lost a whole size! I don't even feel like I'm doing much. We're learning things that are sustainable!"

    Jessie Hipolit Professional Coach

  • "I was eating healthy and working out a lot, yet I couldn't lose the last 15 pounds to reach my goal weight. In one issue of the Nutrient Rich Healthy Eating, I spotted the problems in my eating habits and changed to the true way to eat healthy without struggling. In a few weeks time I am halfway to reaching my goal weight, and I know that I will be there in another few weeks. Thanks JAM!"


  • "I no longer think about what I can't or shouldn't include in my diet, but rather that I can have as much nutrient rich food as I like because its nutrient rich and health promoting. The results are amazing! It's amazing how much time I have to focus on my family and career goals now that diet and exercise issues are becoming enjoyable and effective parts of my lifestyle."

    Michele Katz Former Photo Editor Washington Post

  • "Learning how to eat a nutrient-rich healthy lifestyle is one of the best investments my wife Gloria and I have ever made. We are learning that by changing our lifestyle we are eating nutrient-rich foods, which will enable us to live healthier and longer lives. We have learned to distinguish foods in categories of nutrient- rich, poor and barren and how to navigate through a food market or restaurant selecting the best foods possible for our health. We have learned about “deceptive labeling" and how many calories we were consuming, in various servings. We are learning a lifelong lesson that we are teaching our children. It is not the number of calories that are important but the nutrients in the food we are eating. Gloria and I wholeheartedly recommend for anyone looking for better health."

    Henry Aaron Owner, Aaron Business Solutions, LLC

  • " is not based on the latest ‘fad' or ‘quick-fix diet.' It teaches solid principles that have stood the test of time so they WORK! I believe the nutrient-rich healthy lifestyle can help virtually anyone significantly improve their level of vitality, health and success. I have taught programs and seminars in the area of health to thousands of people over the last 10+ years, and when I have a question; is one of the first (and best) resources I turn to. Now I know it is about eating nutrient rich and performance. If you want to look, feel and perform better— this website can help! "

    Bob Quintana President, Anthony Robbins & Associates

  • " has been a true inspiration. It breaks down the complicated subject of health into simple terms that are easy to comprehend. Through this site, I've learned much about what being nutrient-rich and healthy high-performance living truly mean and how critical the daily patterns we have affect our health. The insights I've gained have been practical and invaluable to both my family and me."

    Peter Worrall President, Worrall Community Newspapers

  • "As the administrator of the State of Kansas health promotion program for 40,000 employees, I thoroughly enjoyed working with to provide a wonderful series of tele-clinics for our employees. As an exercise physiologist and wellness professional I was impressed with the solid science behind this company's content and knowledge about the nutrient-rich healthy lifestyle. I am looking forward to working with on future projects. The CEO and staff were a delight to work with. They followed through and provided even more than they promised."

    Cheryl Miller M.A., M.S., Exercise Physiology and Community Health Administrator, State of Kansas Health Promotion Program, HealthQuest, Founder