I Am…

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On The Go

I’m always on the go, often away from the healthy food in my fridge. I want to eat healthy at every meal, but it just seems impossible. For years, the only options were a half-sandwich in a cellophane wrapped plastic container at a gas station, a #6 meal at a fast food restaurant, or a bag of chips and a soda or sugared-water drink from the vending machine. Now, with Superfood Infusions, I never have to compromise healthy nutrition, no matter where I am or what I’m doing…

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Into Sports & Fitness

Mixing powder with water and shaking it in a bottle, only to get a clumpy, bland chalky taste halfway through my workout. Or eating an uninspired dry energy bar before a workout, or a heavy, thick protein drink after a workout . That was me, always trying to find a healthy boost for my workout, but always feeling “blah” about what I was eating. Now, with Superfood Infusions, I get mega nutrients and great energy that tastes great…

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Ready to Get Healthy

For too long I’ve said “today is the day…” I have wanted to get in better shape and eat better for years, but something always comes up and I seem to revert back to poor food habits. The resulting lethargic and tired feeling was debilitating.But with Superfood Infusions, I can eat healthy all the time, and the energy and nutrients my body feels is amazing. I can work all day and still have energy to get some fitness in without feeling tired at all…

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Wanting to Lose Weight Naturally

Diets? Tried ‘em all. Healthy meals? Sure, I love them. But who has time to create healthy masterpieces three times a day? I just want an easy-to-eat, ultra nutritious and filling snack that is low in calories – and tastes amazing. I know, that is asking a lot. But with Superfood Infusions, I get it all! And the weight I shed feels “right” because my body knows it is getting great food and doesn’t crave the bad stuff anymore…

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Living Well into the Future

Over the past decade, age was starting to creep in…a little stiffer joints, a little less energy. But I was not ready to go out to pasture! I have a lot of living left in me. I needed a really nutrient-packed go-to snack that would energize me and fill my body with the goodness it needed to maintain the lifestyle I wanted. Enter Superfood Infusions. For me, they are amazing – I feel like I just shaved 20 years off the aging process. And I don’t plan on giving them back!

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