Product Label Update: Superfood Infusions™

We have been receiving expected questions about the product labels for Superfood Infusions.™ Where are they? Of course, people who subscribe to nutrient-rich eating and living want to know what they are putting in their body. We expected this question to be a frequently asked question at first, and want you to know that product labels will be up on the site in another shortly.

One question in particular that is on everyone’s minds is how much sugar per serving?

Each Superfood Infusion is really two servings of the average pouch product but technically it’s listed as one. We would have to be 8 oz or more per Superfood Infusion to list as two servings and we are currently 7.5 oz. On average there are 16 grams of total carbohydrate per 3.75 oz. (half the pack) of which 9.6 grams are naturally occurring sugars. The entire package is double that. There is no sugar added, only the sugar that was in the original fruit or vegetable is in a Superfood Infusion.™ Their naturally occurring sugar content is on par with any smoothie and they contain less than HPP juices, because they contain the original fiber.

Why are Superfood Infusions larger than the average pouch?

We went with a larger package (not too large) because the average 3.5 oz. to 4 oz. serving of most flexible pouch products, targeted at kids, is just too small. So we doubled it up for adults and hungry kids. Now, on the go, you can be confident you’ll feel satisfied without having to eat two, yet have the flexibility to eat more if you need it. You can also re-seal a Superfood Infusion for up to 24 hours without the need to refrigerate and the product will be safe.

Superfood Infusions are for healthy fueling when you are on the go. They are nutrient dense and, for the purposes of satisfaction, energy and performance, you won’t have to consume too much food in the flux of your day. You’ll be light on your feet, feeling fueled and focused.

Who benefits from a daily infusion of Nutrient-Rich superfoods?

Whether you’re a working mom/dad, weekend warrior, traveler, executive, active teenager or athlete, you can rely on Superfood Infusions during your busy active days. Thanks to Superfood Infusions, eating healthy just got easier—and faster—without the mess and fuss of preparing, blending, juicing and cleaning up fruits and vegetables. Of course, we do recommend eating nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables in their whole, natural (unprocessed or original) state as often as you can. But when you can’t, you’ll have our organic superfood smoothies to rely on. You never have to default to anything less than the best during your busy life.

What is the best time of day to have Superfood Infusion™?

Any time is a great time to enjoy Superfood Infusions! You can have one before, during or after a meal—morning, afternoon, or night whenever you have the need. Here are just a few of the ways you can enjoy this product:

  • In the morning for healthy energy instead of caffeinated tea or coffee
  • Throughout the day for sustained energy
  • As a mid-day snack
  • With or without a meal to help satisfy your appetite and supplement essential nutrients like Vitamin D and B12
  • Thirty to 60 minutes before working out to provide fuel and energy
  • Immediately following a strenuous workout for recovery and replenishment.
    Note: Our Advanced Superfood Formulas with added protein will help with recovery and replenishment even more
  • In the evening as a tasty dessert

Is an Superfood Infusion vegan-and paleo-friendly?

Yes, Superfood Infusions are both vegan- and paleo-friendly— and by friendly we mean that they are in line with both of these food tribes given both eat organic, non-gmo fruits and vegetables, seeds and require supplemental essentials like vitamin D.

How many Superfood Infusions can I consume in a day?

Consume a Superfood Infusion whenever you need to keep going and can’t stop to buy or prepare a meal or snack. We do recommend taking naps when you are tired, but any time that eating right presents a challenge due to time, location or energy constraints is a good time for a Superfood Infusion! For many people, that’s at least once a day.

How fast should I consume an Superfood Infusion™?

In most cases, Superfood Infusions™ are to meant to be “nursed,” unless you’re in a very active mode (e.g., intensive sports) where you’ll utilize the food quickly. They’re not intended to be “sucked back” all at once. Because they’re nutrient rich, and the food is alive and active, they’re super satisfying in small quantities. Also, as in any smoothie, the fiber is processed, speeding the rate of absorption. Faster absorption can be valuable for faster fueling and recovery, but it also means that the natural occurring sugars reach your bloodstream more quickly, so consume at a moderate pace that works for the current demand. A Superfood Infusion can last up to 24 hours without refrigeration. Besides, you’ll appreciate the delicious flavor of these nutrient-rich natural products all the more when you experience their satisfying nature more slowly.

Are Superfood Infusion pouches recyclable?

The plastic cap and nozzle are recyclable, and the aluminum pouch is upcyclable. Our company and its fundraising efforts is dedicated in part to achieving 100% recyclable and even biodegradable single-serve food packaging as soon as is possible. This is needed throughout the food world.

What is the pouch made of?

Our Superfood Infusion pouches are made from the safest and most suitable materials—a combination of 100% BPA-free, phthalate-free plastic and foil. These materials help to naturally preserve the nutrients.

We believe strongly in the health, safety and overall environmental advantages of our pouches. We continue to work with our suppliers to maintain green, innovative and recyclable packaging.

Where can I purchase Superfood Infusion products?

Superfood Infusions are currently available for pre-order here.

How long can I store Superfood Infusion products?

Unopened Superfood Infusion products will stay fresh until the “best before” date printed on the pouch. After opening, the product should be kept in the fridge for up to 24 hours.

Do Superfood Infusion pouches have to be refrigerated?

None of our products require refrigeration before they’re opened. The ingredients in every pouch are heated, lightly pasteurized, and packaged to ensure shelf stability. Superfood Infusions can be stored at room temperature.

While refrigeration is not necessary, many of our customers do prefer their Superfood Infusions cold, and they taste great that way, so give it a try! Once opened, if you don’t consume the whole pack at once, it should be refrigerated and enjoyed within 24 hours.

What is the shelf-life of Superfood Infusion products?

All of our products have a 12-month shelf life from the date of production. It’s actually 18 months, but we don’t believe any product should sit that long. The reality is you and potentially your customers will love them so much, there’s practically zero chance they’ll remain on your shelf for 12 months. In fact, we’d be surprised if they last a month or even a week!

What is the age recommendation for Superfood Infusion products?

There are no restrictions; Superfood Infusions are great food for anyone, from age 2 to 100+!

How many servings of vitamin D and vitamin B12 does one Superfood Infusion product have?

Each Superfood Infusion has a recommended full day supply of 2000 IU of vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) and 44 mcg of vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin). We blend whole food ingredients with vitamins D and B12 to create a power pack of Daily Essentials. Most people aren’t in the sun enough nowadays to be making sufficient vitamin D. It’s extremely important for individuals with limited sun exposure to supplement their vitamin D intake. Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, is crucial for healthy immune function, and is even more effective than calcium for protecting and building bone.

Vitamin B12 is required for vital biological functions such as red blood cell production, nervous system function, and DNA synthesis.

Superfood Infusions offer 2000 IU of vitamin D along with 44 mcg of B12 in every convenient delicious pack!

Can you send me some samples?

We don’t offer samples, but you can pre-order Superfood Infusions for a discounted early-bird price here.

What are the shipping options available?

We have only one shipping options USA via USPS.
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