The great-tasting nutrient-rich recipes in Simple, Quick & Easy have been created exclusively for Nutrient Rich Life, Inc., by Chef Ramses Bravo, a renowned SOS-Free (no sugar, oil or salt) cook, who is the author of, Bravo: Health-Promoting Meals from the True North Kitchen.

Since 2007, Chef Ramses, the Executive Chef at True North Health Center, in Santa Rosa, CA, has been delighting guests with healthful delicious meals. Prior to this, he worked in numerous hotels and restaurants in California, Hawaii, and West Virginia including the Kenwood Inn and Spa in Sonoma. His extensive professional experience prepared him well for his unique position of managing America’s most wholesome kitchen, and for creating delicious recipes for the leading nutrition transition system in the market—The Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating Plan.

Chef Ramses Bravo believes that people shouldn’t have to choose between tasty and healthful when eating, and has created this book of healthful cuisine by carefully combining simple flavors and textures that complement each other, without the use of salt, oil or sugar. This delectable collection of healthy, plant-based, nutrient-rich recipes does more than please palates, it serves as a new starting point for people who want to transform their health and realize the 7 Success Results of Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating.

Chef Bravo enjoys working with John Allen Mollenhauer to spread the Simple, Quick & Easy™ plant-based nutrient rich method for recipe creation.

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