Success Stories

  •  width=“I’ve been a trainer for 33 years, as well as an NBA strength coach, and in all this time I’ve NEVER put my name behind a live green juice powder, until now with—Rezealiant Living! I do not make a penny from this product, and make this support purely out of a love of helping people get greener and leaner. These products (my favorite is the Living Barley) mixed with coconut water make me feel AMAZING!!! They alkalize my blood, help my recovery, and fill me up with all the nutrients I need to keep going strong for hours. Do you want to feel strong and energetic? I’m telling you, get these products right now! I fully endorse them!!”

    Jon Hinds, Founder of the Monkey Bar Gyms – “the 1st plant-based gyms in the world!!”

    Check out Nutrient Rich® Superfood Products, by Rezealiant Living

  •  width=“Are you ready to transform your life, feel great and look sexier than ever? If the answer is, “Yes,” the path to your success starts on your plate! Nourishing your body with nutrient-rich food will allow you to get to the next level. Everyone must make “The Switch” to Nutrient Rich® Healthy Eating—NOW! I love and fully endorse the Rezealiant Living products. Living Feast is amazing! I drink them every day, and I feel sensational, fit, and healthy. They are the real thing!”

    Karen Hoyos, Transformational Leader, Celebrity/Politician/Professional Athlete Coach and Speaker, who was named one of the 7 Most Inspiring Women in the US, by Siempre Mujer;

  • amelia-brodka“I’m currently on my way back from doing a skate trip packed with filming, demos and a screening of my documentary. I want to share with you that I have found that I had a lot more energy and was less sore than my fellow skaters on the tour. Although they were skeptical when I sat next to them scarfing down raw spinach and cashews as they indulged in their tacos or cereal, I truly credit my nutrient-aware approach to my speedy recovery from 8+ hour skate days.”

    Amelia Brodka, Pro Skateboarder, Director Underexposed: A Women’s Skateboarding Documentary”

  • judy-harff“Even though I teach nutritional education, each time I talk with John, I come away with new insights, and a motivation to go even further. John is not only very knowledgeable about nutritional excellence, he is also a fabulous personal coach, who has helped me immensely. He packs tons of information into each conversation, and his energy and enthusiasm is contagious.
    He has a great way of explaining all the concepts in layman’s terms, with great visuals, and analogies to help you remember. He totally understands the importance of keeping it simple – otherwise it just won’t happen!!
    Keep it coming!”

    Judy Harff, Nutritional Education Trainer (NET).

  •  width=“Our family tries to eat healthy–lots of fruits and veggies, and not a lot of processed foods. I tried Living Feast as a supplement. I love it. Drink it in a glass of water and it is slightly sweet and goes down easy! I love that its giving me that mid-day boost you sometimes need. Believe it or not, my 12-year-old son tried it and loves it too. He drinks it almost every day! And, he’s a type 1 diabetic, so I love that it is very low in carbohydrates.”

    Nina Grey.

  •  width=“Not only do I run one of the most active Athletic Performance Centers in Texas, I also have a family with 4 kids, including very energetic 2-year-old triplets. The demand at work and at home forces me to train and eat incredibly healthy in order to perform well and stay fit. Nutrient Rich® products are the way to go so that I can easily supplement the nutritional needs that my body requires. These products are the best I’ve ever tried and taste great!”

    Eddie Enriquez, Centers for Athletic Performance

  •  width=“Thanks so much for delivering these products. I feel energized when I drink the Rezealiant Living products and somewhat lighter and cleansed. They have helped me feel and live better, and are easy to use in my busy life. They also taste surprisingly delicious. These products are packed with nutrients, without the calories, and when coupled with exercise, they allow me to feel full and have tons of energy. And, they are also very affordable. The container lasts a long time because so little really goes a long way.

    So far, I feel so much better and have lost 16% of my body weight! And when people ask me how I did it–I tell them Rezealiant Living Feast and Wheat Grass. Every person I share the products with asks for more Living Feast and Living Wheat Grass. ”

    Roger Pierson, Institute of Culinary Education

  •  width=“As a fully engaged endurance athlete working in private equity, I am consistently jamming 10 lbs. of living into a 5 lb. bag. This requires attention to detail in every part of my life, especially the fuel I put in my body. I need high-quality, high- octane food, whenever possible. I did the research and found that Nutrient Rich® meets my standards and exceeds my expectations with their education, support and products. Their new Rezealiant Living products are perfect. Now I have more options when I need a complete, whole food product that tastes great and is simple to use, so I can keep pace with my crazy schedule. (Super Fruits and Berries is my frequent flyer!).”

    Howard Kohos, CEO – Triad SBD Partners, LLC