Our Mission

It’s our mission to make healthy eating easier than it’s ever been, no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

You’re the force behind your life, your work and your family. What’s fueling you?

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You live a fast-paced, active, dynamic life. You’re on the go all day (and evening!) at work, with your family, in sports and fitness, and in your community.

You believe in healthy sit-down meals when there’s time—but on action-packed days, when it just isn’t in the cards, what happens?

Too often, you’re forced to grab convenience food in a hurry when you’re busy or low on energy. It happens to all of us—no matter how informed, how high our standards, or how good our intentions!

How do you stay fueled with healthy energy when life is hectic—so that the way you eat works for you, not against you?

Nutrient-rich Superfoods!

At Nutrient Rich®, we set out to create solutions for on-the-go-healthy eating that meet our standards and yours: eat-anywhere convenience, delicious satisfying taste, AND real-food nutrition.

First up, we’re introducing Superfood Infusions™—a powerhouse new on-the-go nutritional snack with premium ingredients, sophisticated flavors, and innovative packaging.

Our brand-new Superfood Infusions™ are delicious organic superfood smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables—plusVitamin B12 and chia seeds with Omega 3s (daily essentials you need)!

Now, no matter how fast you’re moving, you don’t have to compromise on nutrition, health, taste or convenience.

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