Eating Healthy has never been easier.

You’re the force behind your life, your work and your family. What’s fueling YOU?

You live a fast-paced, active, dynamic life. You’re on the go all day (and evening!) at work, with your family, in sports and fitness, and in your community.

You believe in healthy sit-down meals when there’s time. But on action-packed days when that just isn’t in the cards, what happens?

Too often, you’re forced to grab convenience food in a hurry when you’re busy or low on energy. It happens to all of us—no matter how informed, how high our standards, or how good our intentions!

How do you stay fueled with healthy energy when life is hectic?

Introducing Superfood INFUSIONS —a powerhouse new on-the-go nutritional snack with premium ingredients, sophisticated flavors, and innovative packaging.

At Nutrient Rich, we set out to create a solution for on-the-go-healthy eating that met our standards and yours: eat-anywhere convenience, delicious satisfying taste, and real-food nutrition.

Our brand-new Superfood INFUSIONS are delicious organic superfood smoothies made with real fruits and vegetables—plus chia seeds and Vitamin D & B12.

Now, no matter how fast we’re moving, we don’t have to compromise on nutrition, health, taste or convenience.

Superfood INFUSIONS make healthy eating easier than it’s ever been, no matter where you are or what you’re up to!

This is a breakthrough in snacks and mini-meals with unparalleled standards: organic, non-GMO ingredients; eco-friendly portable packaging; and choice superfoods and nutrients loaded with health benefits.

They contain no preservatives and no artificial flavors—just nutrient- and fiber-rich food with essential supplements…in a convenient flexible pouch that needs no refrigeration.

It’s like getting a fresh homemade smoothie without the preparation, mess, or cleanup!

This is pure, quality food without unnecessary ingredients, in as close to its natural state as possible—fast!—so that your snack works for you, not against you.

Click here to learn about our new line of Superfood INFUSIONS —Daily Essentials in three outstanding, sophisticated and nutrient-packed flavors!

"I love Superfood Infusions! As a personal trainer, instructor at the local community college, nutrition educator mother and wife my life is as busy as could be. I love the fact that I can toss these pouches in my car, gym bag or kids' lunches and know that I am giving and getting optimal fast food nutrition."
Terri Billings, Personal Trainer / Nutritionist
Terri Billings
"I am always on the go and often turn to unhealthy food when I'm in a pinch. Superfood Infusions™ are a game-changer for me. The first time I sampled one, I was really impressed by the taste (never really made smoothies) and how satisfied I was! These are going to have a big impact on how healthy I eat. Try them!"
Roberto Espinosa, Lawyer
Roberto Espinosa
"As a busy professional I find it difficult to eat the right things and maintain a good energy level, but this product filled me up and kept me going all day."
Steve Tolbert, Bank Manager
Steve Tolbert
"As a business owner with two young children, Superfood Infusions are like a godsend for us! Getting the best nutrient-rich superfoods throughout the day to keep our energy high has never been easier, and the fact that they're almost unbelievably delicious is truly icing on the cake!"
Rob Poulos, Owner, Zero to Hero Fitness
Rob Poulos
"Gotta say I LOVE Superfood Infusions! It's the perfect way for every busy person to stay healthy and feel great all day long. No matter if you’re a super busy person or pro athlete, you want highly nutritious meals that taste great. Superfood is the answer for you. Super high nutrition, tastes amazing, optimizes your energy and travels with you all day long too. Now that’s a perfect partner!"
Jon Hinds, Owner & Founder of the Monkey Bar Gymnasium
Jon Hinds
"When I drink Superfood Infusions, I feel like my body and mind are being nourished in a way no other smoothie or health drink can deliver. The blends are super satisfying and the nutritional value is far above and beyond any comparable product. I also love the convenience and mobility of the packaging itself."
Patricia McKeever, Wellness Coach
Patricia McKeever
"The Superfood Infusions taste great and are really good for you. I was amazed at how much nutrition was packed in a small pouch that not only was satisfying but also had extra vitamin D and B vitamins so I no longer have to purchase those vitamins, saving me some money! Superfood Infusions are a fine puree that go down smooth, making you crave another one!"
Giuseppe Grammatico, Business Owner
Giuseppe Grammatico
"Superfood Infusion has an amazing natural taste. As a Business Owner who is always on the go, I normally skip a meal here and there. With Superfood Infusion, I was able to stay on the go, get all my nutrients and perform at a high level. I would strongly recommend Super Food Infusion to anyone"
Julbert Abraham, MBA - CEO of AGM
Julbert Abraham